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Tuesday - June 05, 2007

Thank you for visiting Asian Herbal Products - Your Premiere Source of Quality Herbal Supplement, Herbs for Diabetes & Hypertension, Diabetic Resource, Corosolic Acid. We are South East Asia's pioneer manufacturer of "Naturaceuticals", natural herbs which we proudly cite as being "Made by God".

We believe, and we prove daily that the herbs God left for our use is equal to and even superior in every way to their pharmaceutical equivalent. Take a journey with us through one of God's "Ethnocentric Pharmacopoeia", this natural pharmacy being found in the Philippine Island and their Southeast Asian neighbors.

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Asian Herbal Products - Your Premiere Source of Quality Herbal Supplement, Herbs for Diabetes & Hypertension, Diabetic Resource, Corosolic Acid.


Wild Crafted
Today's market requires us to produce herbs that are organically and ecologically sound for those who suffers with diabetes, hypertension and other illness. To this end, we have traveled extensively throughout the Philippines, Finding and securing areas that meet these requirements. Our herbs are all hand picked, selected by natives who are familiar with the herbs and their uses. The areas have been carefully screened to ensure the plants and their surroundings are free from chemical insecticides, inorganic phosphate or nitrate fertilizer applications.

From an initial pool of 700 herbs, around 80 were found to have curative values for many diseases, diabetes, hypertension and were all found free of harmful side effects according to studies done both in Japan and the Philippines. Using these 80 herbs as the springboard, research efforts began to identify those herbs that were commercially viable and pharmaceutically competitive with existing pharmaceutical standards. We produce these herbal products using 12 of the herbs that are according to research done by the Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant and Industries and independent researchers, found to be most effective. These herbs are all approved and recommended by the Philippine Department of Health.

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